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Customers line up for hours at drive-thru for new McDonald's concept, CosMc's, in Chicago suburbs

Long lines for pilot location of new McDonald's concept CosMc's
Long lines for pilot location of new McDonald's concept CosMc's 02:10

BOLINGBROOK, Ill. (CBS) -- The moment is finally here.

On Thursday night, after rumors and days of anticipation, the public got their very first taste of McDonald's new spinoff restaurant – CosMc's.

CBS 2's Jermont Terry took a trip out to Bolingbrook, off Weber Road, to see if it lived up to the hype.

There was certainly a sense of anticipation. Car after car after car stretched around the parking lot for a chance to try something new – one young man, Stephen Campbell, said he had been sitting in the car waiting for almost two hours.

The CosMc's in Bolingbrook is a pilot – the first one in the world. The launch sent Stephen Campbell out to find out what was behind the buzz.

McDonald's described CosMc's "a new small-format beverage-led concept from McDonald's that's truly out of this world!"

Some of the specialty drinks include a Churro Frappe, a S'mores Cold Brew, a Sour Cherry Energy burst, a Berry Hibiscus Sour-Ade, a Turmeric Spiced Latte, and a Blackberry mint green tea.

Campbell said the new drinks were enough to make the line worth it. He wanted a frappe.

It is all part of the Chicago-based McDonald's Corporation's attempt to get into the coffee game and more.

With lines quite long Thursday, those waiting passed the time any way they could.

"I'm doing finals right now," said Campbell. "I'm just trying to do my math homework."

Yolanda Riggs and her family drove in from Joliet. But after seeing the wait, she attempted to hit the lobby – which was closed. Drive-thru is the only option.

That meant Riggs tried to convince her husband to sit and wait. He did not seem to like the idea.

"It's like 100 carts are going from each direction – I mean, the same food they've got there today they'll have it next week," said Arnold Riggs.

And remember Campbell, who was determined to get that new frappe? He waited more than three hours.

He thought the frappe was good, but he did not think waiting three hours was worth it.

The goal of McDonald's is to get enough people interested in CosMc's. While the Bolingbrook location is the only one for now, more are expected to pop up across the country in the New Year.

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