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Chicago Police To Use Shot Spotter On West Side

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The Chicago Police Department has expanded a new approach to fighting crime with technology, research and intuition to another district on the city's west side.

The latest district to get the new technology, including Shot Spotter, is the 10th on the west side.

"Being a cop for almost 30 years, cops are skeptical, initially, about technology," said Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson.

"So when I saw what that technology could do, there was no question in my mind that we should utilize it and try to see if it would help us with our gun violence reduction," said Johnson.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel said it changes the approach from reactive to proactive.

"It allows us to bring intelligence with intuition. And put the two together," said Emanuel.

Johnson said he's pleased with the reduction in shootings in districts using the new approach.

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