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Chicago man shoots, wounds 2 of the 3 suspects in attempting carjacking

Chicago man being robbed shoots at suspects
Chicago man being robbed shoots at suspects 00:37

CHICAGO (CBS)  -- A 56-year-old Chicago man being robbed on the West Side, turned the tables and shot at the three robbers, wounding two of them.

Police said it happened in the 4700 block of West Arthington around 6:00 a.m. and ended when the suspects' car crashed as they tried to get away. 

Here's how it started: Three teens pulled up to a man in his car, one of them pulled a gun on him and demanded his belongings. The victim got out, struggled with at least one of the teens, then pulled out a gun and shot at them.

One teen was hit in the head and is listed in critical condition at Mt. Sinai. Another teen who was hit in the shoulder is listed in serious condition at Stroger Hospital. The third who was in the backseat was taken to an area hospital after he broke his leg in the crash. 

Police said the man was licensed to conceal carry and was not injured in the incident. Area Four detectives are investigating.

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