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Chicago Man Survives Electric Shock From Downed Power Lines

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Chicago man is still shaking from the ordeal after he was shocked when live power lines fell on top of a car he happened to touch.

The shock caused him to have a seizure.

"I thought I was dead. I thought I was in another world," said Larry Carter.

CBS 2 Pamela Jones reports Larry Carter is a kind of walking miracle. He was walking in his neighborhood Tuesday when just 24 hours before he was knocked off his feet after receiving an electric shock from downed power lines.

"Aw man, it just hit me so hard. That electricity - it shot straight through the back," said Carter.

He says he and his neighbors were walking near 79th and King Drive when they were startled by what sounded like an explosion.

ComEd says around 4:35 Monday afternoon a dump truck snagged a power line. Lines and a utility pole crashed to the ground below, right where an SUV was parked in an alley. Carter believes he brushed up against the SUV while walking past it.

"Everybody thought I was dead and probably got killed," said Carter.

Tuesday, Carter returned to the scene where ComEd crews were still making repairs. He says his brush with death makes him a touch more cautious of each step he takes now.

"I'm just glad and grateful that I'm still alive," said Carter.

Carter was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but was released Tuesday. He says he's telling his story to remind others of the dangers of downed power lines.

ComEd urges people to assume downed lines are energized and stay away.


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