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Chicago Finance Merchandising VP Creates Vibrant Work Environment

John Summers-Miller is the vice president of Finance Merchandising at US Foods. Summers-Miller leads a team of finance professionals who help deliver product innovation, cost savings and create visibility for the company. He also has financial oversight for their Stockyards meat company as well as their Culinary Equipment and Supplies company.

(Photo Courtesy of John Summers-Miller)

Summers-Miller holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Western Michigan University with a focus in accounting as well as a Master of Business Administration degree from Walden University with a focus in finance. Summers-Miller achieved high academic honors in his master's program, graduating with a 4.0 GPA from Walden University.

Summers-Miller shares the scope and responsibilities of his current role and the favorite part of his day. He also shares how his education prepared him for his career, and finally he offers excellent advice to others who are interested in pursuing a similar career.

What are the scope and responsibilities of your current role?

"I am financially responsible for a business unit that delivers $2.8 billion EBITDA. In addition, I am responsible for managing a finance organization of 70 finance professionals."

What is your favorite part of your daily duties?

"Creating a vibrant work environment for my team to grow and deliver results. In my career, I have consistently built high performance teams who exceed expectations "

Do you feel your education prepared you for your current role?

"My education has complimented my life experiences well. Without my education, many doors would have never opened."

Do you have any advice for people who desire to pursue a similar career?

"Surround yourself with like minded people. Never give up on your dreams. Gain experience while in school in your field of study. Develop meaningful relationships by being genuine. Business IS personal."

Michelle Guilbeau is a writer, reviewer, teacher and business owner. She also has experience in school administration, literacy coaching and is proud founder of and Michelle enjoys sharing her knowledge of cities, food, travel, education and parenting issues with her readers. Her work can be found on

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