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Brother-Sister Ice Dancing Duo Dreams Of Olympic Gold

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Working closely with a sibling could be a recipe for conflict, but not for the Peals. Ethan, 15 and Elliana, 11, bring out the best in each other.

"Skating together for brother and sister for me helps me a lot. If I was skating with anyone else, I'd feel kind of awkward," says Elliana Peal.

"Sometimes I feel like I can know what she is thinking, just by looking at her," says Ethan Peal.

And it's a family affair. Their Coach is their dad Rob Pealo, who was a competitive ice dancer. The Highland Park natives are currently just one of three sibling ice dancing duos. They won Nationals at the intermediate level a year ago, and Team USA selected them to compete in the Bavarian Open in Germany where they finished sixth out of 17.

"I think we're pretty good technical-wise and strength in power," says Elliana.

"What sets us apart and will set us apart is our ability to relate to each other and tell a story through our skating," says Ethan.

"Everything they do on the ice is very genuine and because it's so real. They have that joy for each other and skating. I think it comes across," says Rob.

Right now they are going up against mostly 17-year-olds to 20 somethings.

"A lot of officials and technical specialists have said to me, 'When they are on the ice they have a total different style of maturity.' They can only tell Elliana is 11 when she's off the ice," says Rob.

"Our ultimate goal is to be able to go to the Olympics one day and represent our country," says Ethan.

Because of Elliana's age, the earliest the Peals could make it to the Olympic is the 2026 Winter Games


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