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As Congress Opens Session, Dold, Duckworth Campaign In Chicago

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Congress is back in session, but where are Illinois' members?

As CBS 2 political reporter Derrick Blakley reports, some prominent ones are out campaigning.

Democratic Senate candidate Tammy Duckworth was in Chicago on Monday, addressing the International Machinists Convention--a labor union that's also contributed consistently to her campaigns.

"I stand shoulder to shoulder with organized labor," she told the crowd.

But Duckworth is still a congresswoman. With Congress back in session in Washington, she is here in Chicago.

She was asked if she was short-changing her constituents.

"When there are votes in Congress to get something done, I will be more than happy to go and vote," Duckworth said. "Unfortunately, as you see, we're not doing much in Washington in terms of getting the job done."

Also on the stump, and not in D.C., was Republican congressman Bob Dold.

He was helping Gov. Bruce Rauner cut the ribbon on the new headquarters for a food company.

He is running his own tough race and not overly enthusiastic in his backing of Duckworth's opponent, Sen. Mark Kirk.

"Mark has been a good friend, a mentor, but in terms of what we're doing, really, we're focused on what we're doing in the 10th District to make sure we're providing thoughtful, independent leadership," he said.

That only re-enforces the notion that while Democrats are more or less united, for Republicans, it's more like every man for himself.

Kirk and Dold are not just keeping their distance from GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, but to some extent, from one another as well.

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