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Amid Blizzard, Firefighters Escort Woman In Labor To Hospital

CHICAGO (CBS) -- Despite whiteout conditions and freezing temperatures, an emergency crew in one west suburb fought the blizzard conditions to get a woman in labor to the hospital on Sunday.

The woman and her family members were on the way to the hospital, with no choice but to go into the snowstorm, on Sunday night. At the time, the Kane County Sheriff's office had warned residents many roads were impassable, due to heavy snow, and extremely limited visibility.

Elburn and Countryside Fire Protection District Lt. Matt Hanson said the department received a call about a car that had gone off the road, and was sliding into a ditch.

"With the conditions, and the drifting, and the wind out there, the snow was going to cover her car before too long," Hanson said.


The woman in the car was in labor, and anxious to get to the hospital. Hanson said she was having contractions, so the fire unit formed a snow plow escort.

"We were able to quickly put her in the ambulance, move her family over to the ambulance, and then we were able to send a snow plow in front of them to clear the road for the ambulance," he said.

Hanson said they were able to bypass the emergency room, and take the woman directly to the maternity ward.

Due to privacy rules, hospital officials could not provide the condition of the woman, or her newborn.

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