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Alderman Speaks Out On Wrigley Deal

CHICAGO (CBS) -- One of the key players in talks to renovate Wrigley Field is speaking out.

Wrigleyville Alderman Tom Tunney has been silent, until he was cornered by CBS 2's Jay Levine cornered him on the floor of city council.

"The specifics keep changing and the asks keep changing. So how do you pin down what we are agreeing to? When those decisions change all the time those motives change," said Alderman Tom Tunney.

Alderman Tom Tunney is gave a first-person account of the until-now secret negotiations. And the newest demands of his voters.

"We want a parking strategy. a traffic study. we want to figure out how this works. remote parking is the number one issue," said Tunney.

First the residents wanted a parking garage. The Cubs offering to build one just north of the ballpark. Yesterday they flipped-flopped saying no thanks.

And last night-- Tunney revealing-- the Cubs came to a community meeting with surprises of their own.

"Some of the information was brand new. Brand new to a community so that's why we aren't there yet."

"Now there's a definition of what major league baseball's interpretation of a night game is. I'm here for the community so whatever they have to do with major league baseball-that's not my job description."

Tunney confirmed what we've been reporting the last ten days.

City Hall told us don't expect a deal today. Tunney was more pessimistic.

"I can't venture. We're working I would say anywhere to twelve hours a day. Now I have other things to do in my community other than to deal with this issue," said Tunney.

Yet if Tunney's evident frustration is matched by the Cubs, the community, the rooftop owners and City Hall, will there be a deal at all?

"This issue is never finished. Okay? Never finished. It's a chapter," said Tunney.
Right now, Tunney still seems to enjoy the confidence of both the city and the community. Though it could be just a matter of time before the Mayor tires of waiting for the deal to free up $600 million in development funds.

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