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Ald. Tunney Wins In Chicago's 44th Ward; Ricketts Played Hardball To Oust The Alderman

CHICAGO (CBS) -- On Chicago's North Side, the battle for the 44th Ward was described as a fight between a longtime alderman and a prominent ward resident - the Chicago Cubs.

Ald. Tom Tunney, who has been the alderman for the 44th since 2003 will hold on to his seat.

Tunney admitted he has fought with the baseball team and said that if the Cubs want a new alderman it would be one that the would "own." A flyer distributed by "Neighbors for a Better Lakeview" last year linked Tunney to former assessor Joe Berrios. The organization admitted to taking money from the Ricketts.

Cubs CEO Tom Ricketts admits they've had a difficult relationship with Tunney.

"We believe that the neighbors can do better," Ricketts said. "Running in the ward to protect people from the Cubs is ridiculous. We're committed to the community."


Tunney said he has battled the team regarding closing some streets on game days, opening a plaza where people can drink openly as well as the push for more concerts and night games.

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Tunney, who was endorsed by the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times, had two opponents:  Austin Baidas and Elizabeth Shydlowski, a non-profit consultant.


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