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'A War Zone': Witnesses Describe Fulton River District After Mass Shooting

CHICAGO (CBS) -- New video was shared Thursday with CBS 2 from the mass shooting the day before in the Fulton River District.

Bullets are seen flying as cars go speeding through a busy intersection in broad daylight.

CBS 2 Investigator Megan Hickey returned Thursday to the site where four innocent people were shot. It was hard to tell that just 24 hours earlier, a busy intersection was the scene of a mass shooting that injured four innocent bystanders just going about their day.

Witnesses said it could have been so much worse.

"Literally two and a half blocks span was a warzone, literally a warzone, of a firemen, ambulances, police officers," a witness said.

The Fulton River District resident asked CBS 2 to conceal his identity. He's rattled after this surveillance video captured the moment he and his wife were caught in the crossfire of Wednesday's violent shoot out between two cars in the Fulton River District. They were in a dark SUV in front of the white sedan.

"I immediately said to my wife 'get down, get down, get down,'" the witness said.

The witness said they ducked just in time as one of those bullets hit his car.

"The bullet went right through my taillight and shot through," said the witness. "And there's an indentation right up there on the car that when the bullet lodge on the inside."

Chicago police said two cars were chasing each other through the neighborhood and shooting. Five people were shot.

"There was a gentleman who was hanging out of the car with a gun with a giant magazine," the witness said.

Four were innocent bystanders.

"They were shooting like dozens of shots," said the witness.

Doug Simons said he was driving home from the gym when he pulled up on the scene and found a cyclist with a gunshot wound to his leg.

"He might have been in shock, but he was cogent. I said to him thank god it was your leg," Simons said. "If it had hit him in the torso or the leg it might have been a much different outcome."

The hardest part of the video for a witness isn't the sound of countless gunshots. It's one of the innocent victims screaming for help.

"But like, why has the city turned into the wild wild west," asked the witness. "I really, truly believe that we need to send a message to our leaders, your leaders, start leading, you know?"

A 29-year-old Lyft passenger was also shot. At last check he was in critical condition. The other victims were in good condition. There have been no arrests in the case.

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