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Give Your Business Venture Life: 5 Places To Turn For Successful Crowdfunding

A new and exciting way to fund businesses has been building momentum for a few years. Instead of looking for investors, which is time consuming, crowdfunding websites are bringing investors to the internet for ideas. Through these sites, people with extra monies can decide to fund a particular idea or product. Without having to split profits among investors, businesses are free to use these funds to continue to build out a business plan. Small businesses can continue to run as originally planned instead of trying to meet investors' expectations. Crowdfunding has become a successful venture for many. Here are some sites offering the expanding service.


Explore exciting ideas on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a popular brand for crowdfunding. This site helps creators find resources and support to develop ideas. From full-on Hollywood movies to simple board games, Kickstarter is a great place to start a crowdfunding project. Since its launch in 2009, 12 million people have backed a project, while $2.8 billion dollars has been pledged and 117,909 projects have been successfully funded. Creating a project is easy for people new to the crowdfunding community. There is also a track funding page to keep all interested parties involved with the fundraising process. Creating a project through Kickstarter is quick and efficient, and provides a nice collection of resources for assistance. Kickstarter does collect between five to 10 percent, for processing fees, from a fully funded project. There are no fees if funding is not met.

Go big with GoFundMe

The largest social fundraising platform in the world, GoFundMe, provides some exciting and innovative ways to crowdfund. GoFundMe provides mobile-friendly campaigns along with quick and easy customer support. While fundraising through GoFundMe, there are no deadline or goal requirements. The community through GoFundMe provides a lot of feel good stories. There are a lot of projects to provide assistance to people in need. The brand awareness and the site's extensive work to promote projects makes GoFundMe a site to visit for crowdfunding. GoFundMe takes five percent from every donation made to the project.

Fund anything with Indiegogo

Another popular crowdfunding resource is Indiegogo. This website provides crowdfunding resources for a small fee. This is another large brand with a strong community. There seems to be more options concerning how to market these projects. This site is full of success stories from tech ideas to handbag companies. Indiegogo is the place to go for exciting projects. The fee for Indiegogo is somewhere between five and 10 percent of a fully funded project.

Get funded with Fundable

This crowdfunding platform specializes in small businesses. Creating a project with Fundable is quick and easy. Fundable has a nice network of investors and other entrepreneurs to help small businesses. Through Fundable, projects are given a lot more attention through the site's hands-on approach. This type of assistance though, does come with a price tag. To use the Fundable platform, small business owners will need to pay $179 a month, and that does not include any type of rewards if the project is successfully funded.

Receive full service products with Peerbackers

Another crowdfunding website that caters to small businesses is Peerbackers ,which can offer new projects a lot of services. Through the Peerbackers' website, entrepreneurs can create projects with full-service options. These options include campaign strategizing, media and marketing production, promoting the project and providing alternative methods for investment opportunities. Peerbackers also provides a consulting package that will help really get small businesses off the ground. Prices for packages vary with amount of services provided.


This article was written by Rick Brown for CBS Small Business Pulse.

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