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2018 Governor's Race: Democratic Candidates Face Off

CHICAGO (CBS) -- The six remaining Democratic candidates for governor faced off Friday evening in the Loop -- their second night in a row.

The 2018 Illinois Democratic gubernatorial candidates include: Sen. Daniel Biss, Bob Daiber, Tio Hardiman, Chris Kennedy, Robert Marshall and J.B. Pritzker.

Their plan to fix the state's financial problems without raising taxes?

"I would look at reinvesting our debt and lowering our interest rates," Daiber.

"We legalize small amount of recreational marijuana. That tax money can be anywhere from $1 billion to $2 billion," Hardiman.

"Tax people who live in other states but work in Illinois," Kennedy.

"We also need a progressive income tax," Pritzker.

Following the Parkland, Florida school shooting, candidates were also asked how to keep school's safe.

"Make it so that they find these people before they do the shooting," Marshall.

"I believe we best protect children as they enter our schools if we have armed school resource officers there," Daiber.

As for cutting gun violence, Biss and Pritzker say Illinois should ban semi-automatic weapons.

"Banning assault rifles for everyone and more, but we also need a governor who's going to work with our neighboring states," Biss.

"There's no data in the world that dictates that legal gun owners are part of the gun violence problem here in Chicago or Illinois," Hardiman.

"Opportunity is the enemy of violence, and economic oppression is its partner in crime," Kennedy.

When talking about sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement, most candidates talked about the need for a zero-tolerance policy in Springfield, as well as sexual harassment training.

There's less than three weeks to go until the Democratic primary on March 20.

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