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Will Blue Maryland Turn Red? Governor's Race Considered A 'Toss Up'

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—The wait is over, and Election Day is here. But just because it's Election Day doesn't mean the campaigning for both candidates has stopped.

Marcus Washington has more on the battle for Maryland's statehouse.

Democrat Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown and Republican Larry Hogan are not taking any moment for granted, campaigning every free second they get.

"Today is the day voters come out," Brown said. "They express their preference. They come out and vote, and for those who haven't voted early, this is it."

"You know we have been working really hard, and we're very encouraged by the number of people that are coming out to vote and we're excited about tonight," Hogan said.

Both men were out early this morning.

Brown voted with his mother and wife in Upper Marlboro.

Hogan waved to drivers in Bowie.

The months of campaigning comes down to this day as the last round of voters cast their ballots for who they want to see in the seat as governor of Maryland.

"I hate to make predictions, but we're feeling really optimistic and good. I think we have a great chance to win this race, but we need to get every single voter out to the polls. It's going to be a close race," Hogan said.

"We're going to push through until the polls close at 8 p.m. We're confident, but never complacent," Brown said.

Now both candidates can only wait to see how their hard work pays off.

Democrats outnumber Republicans almost two to one in Maryland.

But the non-partisan Cook Political Report has moved the race into the toss-up category. Meaning right now it's anybody's race to win.

If Brown wins, he would be Maryland's first black governor.

If Hogan wins, he'd be just the second Republican governor in nearly 40 years.

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