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U.S. Open Recap with John MaGinnes


John MaGinnes with the PGA Network joined the Glenn Younes show today to talk about the US Open.

First John talked about how he thinks Merion is one of the top 10 courses in the country and how the USGA made the course a little bit trickier than it should be. "I thought some of the par three's were preposterous."

Then he spoke about why Jason Duffner tossed his ball and wedge in the water and Rory McIlroy bent a club out of frustration.

He also spoke about Tiger Woods' wrist injury and how it affected his results in the US Open. "Look, Tiger's not getting any younger, and he's been injury prone for his whole career."

John then talked about Justin Rose's progression as a player. "He's gotten to where he is through hard work and determination." "I would have bet my life against him winning a major championship when he was 22-23 years old." Then went on to say, "This kid's the real deal, I wouldn't be surprised if he finished his career with three or four major championship victories."

US Open Recap with John MaGinnes

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