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State Officials: Slow Down On Slushy Roads

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Overnight snow has cause slick roadways across Maryland.

As Maryland State Highway Administration salt trucks and plows are clearing the roadways, they are asking people to stay inside and off the roads.

Although the primary roadways are mostly clear this morning, many secondary and neighborhood roads remain a slick, slushy mess.

MDSHA Spokesman Charlie Gischlar said there are some snow-covered roadways.

"The plows have been out. There are passable roads," Gischlar said. "If you do have to go out slow down, use the lower gears and make smart decisions."

"But we're urging people if they can, to take one of those days -- so we can get out there and clear this." he added. "As soon as the sun comes up, you'll notice a dramatic difference."

Overnight, crews were loaded trucks and then treating the highways and plowing snow. They put salt down to make sure it didn't freeze, but Gischlar warned anything that looks wet should be assumed frozen.

WJZ has team coverage of the road conditions.

In Roland Park, Ron Matz reports that although the main roads look clear, slush is making it slick.

Plows are out and drivers need to be cautious.

Rick Ritter says in Annapolis some drivers are having trouble driving down secondary roadways as their tires try to grip the roads.

In Pasadena, Mike Schuh reports that Ritchie Highway is clear and traffic is moving normally.

MEMA is operating at a level three.

"Marylanders can help us help you by staying off the roads and staying informed as to the current weather," said Maryland Emergency Management Agency Executive Director Clay Stamp.

"It's a pretty powerful storm. We don't know exactly what we'll be looking at in the morning," Gov. Larry Hogan said. "Stay home. Use common sense; stay off the road so we can get out there and do our jobs."

The snow has caused other issues, too.

Power outages have been reported to BGE and some flights have been delayed or canceled.

Also many residents are reporting water leaks, but there are some delays in response time according to Baltimore DPW, as they focus on the roadways.

Tips for being prepared and staying safe:

  • Keep devices charged so you will have a way follow weather forecasts and local emergency information.
  • Be cautious shoveling snow to avoid overexertion. Take frequent breaks and keep hydrated.
  • If you must travel, make sure to have a car chargers, kitty litter or sand for traction, and extra drinks and snacks in case you get stuck in traffic.
  • Let friends or family know of your travel route and expected arrival times.
  • Make sure pets are not kept outside without shelter in cold and snowy weather and be aware that salt and other ice melting materials may hurt animal's paws.
  • Dress in layers, taking care to keep your hands covered.
  • Know who to contact in the case of a power outage.
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