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Soulful Symphony Brings Music From The Stage To Baltimore Students

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Soulful Symphony has been making beautiful music in Baltimore for nearly 15 years. The musicians are not only busy on stage, they're out in the community as well.

Ron Matz has more on the symphony as it extends its reach and knowledge into Baltimore area schools.

They're really hitting all the right notes at Lansdowne Middle School. The students are learning from the best--musicians from the Soulful Symphony.

"It's just amazing to be able to bring music, which is my passion, into a school. And learn more about the kids and be part of their lives," said Robin Massie-Pighee, teaching artist.

The Hippodrome Foundation's Hipp Artist-In-Residence program is expanding. Soulful Symphony is an 85 member orchestra made up of mostly African American and Latino musicians.

"We hope that we're cultivating not only future musicians but audiences that have an appreciation for the arts," said Darin Atwater, Soulful Symphony founder.

And the students are finding some soulful inspiration.

"Music relates to everything in life, so being able to translate that into language they understand. It's an immediate common bond that we have," said Massi-Pighee, Soulful Symphony violinist.

They're birthing the next generation of Baltimore music-makers.

"It's kind of like passing the torch in the Olympics," Massi-Pighee said. "You run, you run, you run. Then you get this torch. What do you do with it? You either blow it out or let it get bigger. I let it get bigger and pass on what I learned to the next generation."

"A lot of these kids don't get a chance to see symphony orchestras. For them to be able to kind of touch and feel and ask questions gives them a point of reference in terms of who they might want to become," Atwater said.

Right now, members of the Soulful Symphony are busy preparing for their upcoming concert May 3 at the Hippodrome.

Proceeds from the main concert will benefit the Hippodrome Foundation's education and outreach programs.

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