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Senate, House Expected To Pass Gas Tax Legislation In Maryland Thursday

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Maryland Senate and House lawmakers are poised to pass gas tax legislation on Thursday. 

Once the bill is passed, it goes to Gov. Larry Hogan's desk. Senators tell WJZ that Hogan will likely sign the bill into law on Friday morning. Once he does, gas prices will drop immediately. 

This emergency legislation is on the fast track to pass, in order for prices to quickly drop at the pump. 

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot told WJZ Wednesday that this bill is moving "lightning fast." 

The bill would suspend the state's gas tax for 30 days and is expected to pass in the Senate and House on Thursday, "to make this emergency measure enacted as quickly as possible," Sen. President Bill Ferguson said last week. 

Hogan has said he will sign it. 

"When he signs that bill, the next gallon of gas is going to be tax-free," Franchot said. 

Prices are projected to drop by about 36 cents. 

At the Shell gas station off Russell Street in Baltimore, the owner, Jack, said his prices will change as soon as Hogan signs the bill. With the prices rising, he's felt bad for his customers. 

"We feel really sorry that the prices are so way up there," Jack said. "Customers are really worried because the price was almost five dollars a couple days back."

According to the AAA, the average gas price in Maryland is now $4.23. This price is largely due to the war that Russia is waging in Ukraine. 

"Now we can support Ukraine and we can also benefit our folks by saying, look, we're going to give you a bit of a break," Franchot said. 

Franchot also believes this bill is going to be so wildly popular lawmakers will extend it by another month or even 90 days.

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