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Pikesville athletic director accused of framing principal with racist AI recording lied on résumé to get job

Pikesville AD accused of AI scandal lied on resume to get job
Pikesville AD accused of AI scandal lied on resume to get job 02:45

BALTIMORE -- A former high school athletic director accused of framing the school's principal with artificial intelligence in a racist and antisemitic recording lied about his background to get the job, according to an investigation by our media partner The Baltimore Banner.

Dahzon Darien, who had been employed by Pikesville High School, is facing charges that include theft, stalking, disruption of school operations and retaliation against a witness.

Reporters at the Baltimore Banner spent weeks investigating and making phone calls, leading to another startling discovery about Darien.

"There's bombshell after bombshell," said Baltimore Banner Education Reporter Kristen Griffith.


Pikesville AI scandal

Investigators determined Darien faked principal Eric Eiswert's voice and circulated the audio on social media in January. 

Darien's nickname, DJ, was among the names mentioned in the audio clips he allegedly faked, according to the Baltimore County State's Attorney's Office.

Baltimore County detectives say Darien created the recording as retaliation against Eiswert, who had launched an investigation into the potential mishandling of school funds, Baltimore County Police Chief Robert McCullough said on Thursday. 

Eiswert's voice, which police and AI experts believe was simulated, made disparaging comments toward Black students and the surrounding Jewish community. The audio was widely circulated on social media.

Baltimore County Police said Darien was at the airport trying to get on a flight to Houston when he was arrested.  He had a firearm on him at the time, according to police. 

Darien is on administrative leave, according to Baltimore County Public Schools.

"That's the biggest thing to me, not knowing that it was going to take us to this and then not knowing what it's going to take us to in the future," Griffith said.

"Why did he get hired?"

Griffith and other reporters on her team have learned that Darien allegedly lied about his work history on several job applications, including the ones he submitted to Baltimore County Public Schools.

"Throughout all those checks, we never heard anyone confirm that, yes he did work at these places during this time under this title," Griffith said. "The closest thing we had to accuracy was that he was at a place, and I think, at one place he was actually holding that title, but he was not there at the times when he said he was."

Banner reporters told WJZ they uncovered 29 false claims on four different job applications that used two different names.

Griffith said Darien lied about attending the college he listed on his résumé and didn't have a teaching license.

"We know the next question, as I mentioned is, why did he get hired? There are questions I've seen on social media," Griffith said. "Who else has been able to find their way into Baltimore County Schools this way?"

"They don't go dig for nothing"  

Pikesville High parents told WJZ they have the same questions.

"They see what they read on top and they don't go dig for nothing, so they hire this person," parent Marcel Holmes said.

Defense attorney responds

Baltimore County Public Schools told WJZ they were not going to comment any further.

Darien's attorney sent this statement to WJZ: "Mr. Darien states that the information regarding alleged false statement of qualifications is inaccurate and incomplete.  He will respond to the AI allegations in the appropriate forum." 

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