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Md. Candidates For Governor Get Help During Campaign

Baltimore (WJZ)-- It was an electric crowd of Larry Hogan supporters rallying in Baltimore. As the race for governor winds down, the Republican candidate is being backed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who made a stop in Charm City to show his support.

Rochelle Ritchie has more.

It was a packed house at the Patapsco Hall on Annapolis Road. There were strong words for a confident Larry Hogan and a passionate Governor Chris Christie; they say Brown is going down.

There wasn't a boo in the crowd as Larry Hogan and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took the stage in Baltimore as the clock winds down to Election Day.

"`A Republican in Maryland? That's nearly impossible.' Well, guess what? They're not laughing anymore, are they?" Hogan said.

For Governor Christie, Baltimore is his fourth stop in Maryland. He is confident in a Hogan win and a Brown loss.

"I want to look directly at the camera and talk to my friend Marty and say, `Don't waste your time being nervous. Just get ready to clean out your office and turn it over to Larry Hogan,'" Christie said.

But Brown isn't backing down. He campaigned in Prince George's County to further his lead on his opponent.

"Ken Ulman and I are going to get up every day fighting for working families and middle class families. Unfortunately, the other guy, completely different direction," Brown said. "He is championing the interest of large corporations."

But that "other guy," Hogan, is gaining steam. Counties where the biggest percentage of eligible voters headed to polls include Republican-leaning Talbot, Queen Anne's, Kent and Anne Arundel.

"We're just trying to get everyone out to vote and it seems like people are putting aside party politics and partisanship and regardless of what party they are, they are all voting to change direction in our state," Hogan said.

It's a race to finish as each side hopes to pull in more votes. Some voters are on the fence but others have their minds made up.

"Marylanders are over-taxed and money is spent poorly," said one.

Election day is Tuesday.

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