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'Our Elected Officials Are Deserving Of Prayer,' Group Holds Prayer Vigil For Mayor Catherine Pugh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A group of citizens prayed for Mayor Catherine Pugh and her health on Wednesday night as Baltimore City waits to find out what is next.

Participants said that the prayer vigil was an impromptu gathering as a public show of solidarity through prayer.

"All of our elected officials are deserving of prayer," Reverend Brenda White, of Allen AME Church, said.

Reverend White and her church led the group in prayer. She stressed that the vigil was not an endorsement of the mayor.

"Prayer can be universal," she said. "It's universal regardless of your political affiliation, regardless of who you like, who you don't like."

Mayor Pugh took a medical leave of absence as the scandal surrounding her book deal evolved.

Her attorney said she's still recovering from bronchitis and pneumonia.

"I'm here to support because number one like I said, it's unfortunate she made a mistake," Bill Goodin, a vigil participant, said. "But as I told you if they investigate all the politicians, most of them have something on them."

A similar sentiment was said by a resident who wished to be unidentified.

"None of the people in public office if we look deep down in the skeleton of their actions, we will find probably even worse than what they are throwing stones to the mayor today," the resident said. "Having said that, I'm not saying she should not be held accountable."

The group prayed for about an hour.

"There are those in the community who are praying," White said. "Praying for our city, praying for her health, her healing and her wellness."

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