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Massage Therapist Credits Education With Affording Her Expanded Opportunities

Robin Anderson is a licensed massage therapist, board-certified in bodywork and therapeutic massage and is also a CEAS, Certified Ergonomics Assessment Specialist.

(Photo Courtesy of Robin Anderson)

She graduated initially from the University of Maryland School of Journalism with an undergraduate degree, minor in kinesiology and later returned to CCBC where she received her training in massage therapy.

Anderson currently works at Concentra as a massage therapist.

What inspired you to become a massage therapist? 

"My professional life has been a work in progress. Originally, I wanted to be a sports reporter, but life takes you in different directions. Later, I wanted to go back to school for physical therapy, but it was not feasible for family reasons and financially. A physical therapist suggested massage therapy. It was less time back in school, but I was still in an allied health field. It has been an ideal choice for me. I am challenged and I help others!"

 How does your educational background relate to your current role? 

"My minor in kinesiology at the University of Maryland helped me to quickly master the anatomy, physiology, and human movement skills taught in my massage courses. Also, I was lucky enough to go to CCBC, a college that has one of the best massage training programs in the country and which set the stage for my later successes in research and ergonomics."

How has your education helped to further your career and contributed to your success? 

"CCBC'S commitment to excellence and their inspiration were vital in enabling me to write research case studies, practice in an occupational health worksite clinic, and expand my skills into ergonomics."

What is some advice you can offer others looking to go into massage therapy?

"In Maryland, a licensed massage therapist may work in health care facilities such as clinics while registered massage practitioners may only work in spas and health clubs. I did not want to be limited to where I could work, so I wanted a college level education. If you want to open more doors and possibilities for yourself, choose a college education based program. You never know where your path might lead you!"

Susan Brown originally spent many years in banking/finance before confronting her addictions. She has now been in recovery for 20 years. Primary interests include metaphysics and energy healing in which she has several certifications. She has written for since 2009 and also writes for Om Times. Sue lives in Baltimore.

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