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Maryland Weather: Mild Thursday, But Friday Could Bring Wintry Mix

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- The first thing I want to put out there is this: the potential weather problem of Friday is a ways away. Lots of time to watch this one develop.

This time tomorrow night, we will be talking about rain and pretty mild temperatures. This time tomorrow night, the National weather story will be heavy snow, and or ice, affecting millions. But not us. We are on the warm side of this event.

On Friday morning, when really cold air whips around the low, the actual storm, it will run into the back edge of our rain and there is the dynamic for a mix of snow, sleet, and maybe freezing rain before an end on Friday afternoon.

So it is not like a BIG STORM is on the way. Our problem will be more the cause, and effect of pure science. Water freezes at 32°. That is the game-changing number and after an early overnight, Thursday into Friday, low of 43° the 32° could be with us into the latter part of the morning commute.

The issue(s), if any, will become apparent at the time. This is not like a Nor'easter moving up the coast. Those are easy to time. With this one, we will need to paint with a broader brush.

In the meantime let's enjoy, albeit a damp day, a very mild one!

Marty B!

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