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Maryland Weather: A Foggy, Humid New Year's Eve

Hi everyone!

Kind of "WILD" that my first topic for you will be fog and mild, as we start the last day of 2021. But indeed such will be the case as we got to bed and especially in the A.M.

Matter of fact I think we could have pockets of dense fog in the morning. Warm and humid air will define Thursday tonight and Friday.  Our forecast low temps are actually, in many areas, are above the average daytime high.

And that moist air moving over the cool ground, (and the soil is), will be the fog machine.

Once that fog burns off we may start to see a few hours, from late mid-day through early afternoon, of sun. Not a ton of sun but some for sure.

Overcast will define the end of the day and we may have showers enter the region as early as just before midnight. But it will be quite mild as we start a new year.

New years day itself will be in the low mid 60's. the record is 67° set in 2005. I doubt we get there, but close enough to mention. Showers will be around at times on New Years Day, and then again to start Sunday.

On Sunday we will get to our high in the very early afternoon. That high of 65° will be a memory by the 4th quarter of the Ravens game. And the wind will be amping up through the afternoon too.

Down to a windy 30° overnight into Monday morning, then only the low 40's Monday P.M., and that is before wind chill in the low 30's. YIKES! But by Tuesday we lose the wind and see temps rise to the mid 40's on the way to the low 50's again by mid-week!

 Be well, stay safe... wear the mask... and have a very happy New Year!

   Marty B!

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