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Hogan: Purple Line Will Happen, Nearly $2B Invested In Maryland Roads

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—Governor Larry Hogan makes his first public appearance since announcing he has cancer.

Thursday afternoon the governor pledged millions of dollars in improvements to Maryland highways and bridges.

Political Reporter Pat Warren has more on the governor's announcements.

The governor was all business Thursday saying he's putting the money where it's going to do the most people the most good.

In another "I told you so moment," Governor Hogan puts money where the rubber meets the road.

"I've made it very clear, that building, maintaining and fixing Maryland's roads and bridges is our top transportation priority," Hogan said. "And it's a top priority of our administration."

Governor Hogan plans to make getting around the state a bit easier with a list of new transportation projects. The state would spend $1.35 billion dollars for new roads, highways and bridges.

A reflection of the administration's plan would put greater focus on greater highway travel and $500-millon for repair.

The governor talks about improvements on 2,000 miles on state roads and enough money to fix every structurally deficit bridge in the state. There are 70 bridges that need to be replaced although they are all classified as safe.

The governor says his administration is also working to restore highway user funds to local jurisdictions.

Now on mass transit rail lines—the Purple Line which will connect Montgomery County and Prince George's County--will move forward with $168 million. And the Red Line, which is supposed to connect East and West Baltimore, that line is not going anywhere—the plan is called "fatally flawed".



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