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Local Non-Profit Holds Preakness Clothing Sale To Help Get Women Back On Their Feet

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- A local non-profit group is holding a Preakness clothing sale over the next several days to help more women get back on their feet.  

"Shoppers can come in and look for some very nice Preakness outfits, be it hats or a nice dress, whatever they need," said Evelyn Gaines, board president of the non-profit Suited to Succeed.  

The group's "Preakness Day Fill-A-Bag Sale" is being held Wednesday through Friday until May 20 at its store in Port Covington. The sale benefits one of its programs, Dress for Success Greater Baltimore.  

"Dress for Success is a non-profit organization that helps women that are going from welfare or unemployment back to work they can come in here and get an outfit so they can go to a job interview," said Gaines.  

During the sale, customers can fill a small bag for $10 (max 5 items) or a large bag for $20 (max 10 items) with clothing and shoes that are available at the store.  

The impact of the purchases will go long beyond Preakness Day.  

"It will help a whole lot of folks' self-esteem, you know, especially folks that can't afford it," said Debra Jennings, a client of the program.  

Monica McMillan is another client of the program who is a homeless veteran. She came into it with very little clothing and just one pair of shoes. She now has more outfits to wear to job interviews and is training to become a community health worker.   

"What dress for success has done for me is to make me feel good about myself, put me in some outfits to make it where I can be job-ready," McMillan said. 


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