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Just 21 Percent Of Americans Think Joe Flacco Is Elite

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Here are some of the findings according to a recent poll, conducted by Public Policy Polling, of 410 "self-described NFL fans."

The most popular team in the NFL would be The Green Bay Packers.

Tim Tebow is the fifth-most popular NFL quarterback in America. That makes the unemployed NFL quarterback even more popular than active players like Russell Wilson (6%), Eli Manning (6%) and Drew Brees (4%).

And before we jump the gun to say that the Baltimore Ravens and Joe Flacco were not even mentioned once in the 22-page poll, we finally found that Public Policy Polling did ask just one Ravens-related question: "Do you consider Joe Flacco to be a elite Quarterback or not?"

The answer? Only 21% of NFL fans think Joe Flacco is a elite quarterback. 35% think he is not and 44% have no opinion on the matter one way or another.

What do you think, Baltimore?



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