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Incoming Baltimore City State's Attorney Ivan Bates talks action plan on crime, squeegee workers

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BALTIMORE - Starting next week Baltimore City will have a new State's Attorney.

Ivan Bates will replace Marylin Mosby after he defeated her in July's primary election.

WJZ's Jessica Albert spoke with Bates about his vision for the office.

Jessica Albert: "We're less than a week away. New Baltimore City States Attorney, how are you feeling?

Ivan Bates:  I'm feeling excited. A little anxious. I put a lot of work to get to this position and I just know there is a lot, lot more work to do."

Jessica Albert: What do you think voters are expecting from you or want to see from you?

Ivan Bates: I think first they want to see transparency. They want us to be open and honest with them and I will. And they want to see if I have a real plan."

Jessica Albert: What are your plans for fighting violent crime in Baltimore City?

Ivan Bates: I'm going after illegal guns. So, first-time offenders, we're asking to go to jail. For repeat violent offenders, we're going to invoke mandatory minimums if you have illegal handguns on the streets of Baltimore City.

Bates' work as Baltimore City State's Attorney has already begun.

He and other city leaders went to New York City earlier this month to learn how that city prosecutes low-level crime.

His predecessor, Marilyn Mosby, announced during the pandemic that she wouldn't be prosecuting it.

Bates said he will but will also try to get offenders into community wrap-around services and diversion programs first.

Ivan Bates: If they don't wish to avail themselves to aversion programs and they still want to break the law then we will definitely be prosecuting these individuals.

Bates told WJZ that the same goes for squeegee workers.

He said he will follow the plans put in place by the squeegee collaborative which bans squeegeeing in key areas starting next month, giving workers who squeegee in those areas three warnings before they're cited.

Ivan Bates: "I've always said we have to do something with the squeegee workers. They cannot be there. We're not liking to go back to mass incarceration, but we have to hold people accountable. 

Bates will be holding several events next week in the community to celebrate his inauguration.

Ivan Bates: What it's saying is that we're starting this tenure on the right foot. We want people to feel good about Baltimore. We want people to understand, yes, we have a good time. But now it's time to get to work."

Bates will be sworn into office on Tuesday at the War Memorial Plaza.

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