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Help The Maryland Zoo Name Its 2-Month-Old Lion Cubs

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- They've got looks and good health, now the latest additions at the Maryland Zoo need names!

Two lion cubs were born at the zoo in October. Sadly, their mother died from birth complications.

The good news? The brother and sister are doing great. But they still need names. That's where you come in!

Do you prefer:

  • Luke and Leia ("Star Wars")
  • Bart and Maggie ("The Simpsons")
  • Kulu (meaning "huge") and Madoa (meaning "spots" or "spotted")
  • Lear (King Lear is a tragedy by William Shakespeare, lion is the king of the jungle) and Circe (in Greek mythology, the daughter of the sun, a sorceress best known for her ability to turn men into animals with her magic wand).

Once you decide, click here and vote to name the lion cubs!

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