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VIDEO: Great White Shark Spotted Near Boat Off The Coast Of Ocean City, Maryland

OCEAN CITY, MD. (WJZ) — A Great White Shark has been spotted off the side of a boat off of Ocean City, Maryland.

The shark was seen on camera by Steven White and his crew while fishing aboard the Fish Finder with Captain Mark Sampson. This video was taken by them:

Great White Shark Off of Ocean City, Maryland June 8, 2020 by Scott Lenox - Fish in OC on YouTube

The camera caught the shark inching closer and moving around the boat just a shadow in the water at first, but it slowly moved further up the surface where the boaters could see it.

"I'm zooming all the way out and I can't get him in the whole camera," the recorder could be heard saying.

The shark got up close and even bared its teeth for the camera toward the end of the video trying to bite something they were dangling off the side of the boat.

"Don't bite the boat!" one person was heard saying.

Great Whites have been seen near the beach town's waters before, including one last June that's being tagged and tracked by OCEARCH.

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