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'I Thought It Was A Train Wreck' | Gov. Larry Hogan Says He Could 'Barely Watch' First Presidential Debate

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) -- Gov. Larry Hogan did not mince words when asked about Tuesday's presidential debate during a press conference Thursday.

"I thought it was a train wreck," the governor said. "It was just out of control. I could barely watch it. It's what I've tried to avoid the past six years, the kind of divisive, lack of civility. I mean, it was just a mess."

"I don't think anyone who was undecided watching that debate could decide, 'This is why I am going to vote for this person,'" Gov. Hogan added.

The first presidential debate between President Trump and Joe Biden featured a chaotic series of bitter exchanges and name-calling between the two candidates.

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Baltimore was also mentioned in the debate when the candidates were discussing crime and violence across the country.

When talking about violence in the U.S., President Trump said, "The Democrats that run these cities don't want law and order."

President Trump mentioned Baltimore, Portland and Seattle, among others.

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