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Hogan Focused On Tax Relief In State Of The State Address

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ)—Governor Larry Hogan serves up tax cuts today. In his State of the State he says that he's going to appeal the rain tax, repeal the automatic gas tax increase, and more.

Pat Warren has more on his plans and the reaction to it.

The reception was warm, but the temperature in the room dropped as the governor dug in.

"The challenges we face are great. High taxes, over regulation, and an anti-business attitude, are clearly the cause of our economic problems. Our economy is floundering, and too many Marylanders have been struggling just to get by," said Governor Hogan.

"Maryland's anti-business attitude combined with our onerous tax and regulatory policies have rendered our state unable to compete with any of the states in our region. It's the reason that businesses jobs and tax payers have been fleeing our state at an alarming rate," Hogan said.

And for the first time he specified tax cuts - the first, the rain tax.

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"If there's was one message that Marylanders made perfectly clear, it was that taxing struggling and already over taxed Marylanders for the rain that falls on the room of their homes, was a mistake which needs to be corrected."

And he will eliminate if he can--automatic gas tax increases.

"Marylanders deserve the transparency to know how their elected leaders vote every time the states takes a big share of their hard earned tax dollars," said Hogan.

Senate President Mike Miller called it a campaign speech.

"We can't be irresponsible to continue to campaign in February, the elections were over in November. And what he made was promise on promise on promise…that he can't keep, that's not doable," said Miller.

Another one of those promises is to change state culture in agencies back to good old customer service.

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