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The Local Fry Shop
Photo Credit: The Local Fry

The Local Fry
21 E Cross Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 244-1283

The potato is the most underrated food. Like what other food gives us three of the most wonderful things on the planet: vodka, French fries and potato chips? That's right, none.

After a night of playing March Madness drinking games and downing one of the potato's gifts to us (vodka) or after some St. Patrick's Day shenanigans, everyone has those moments where they really just need to chow down. And there's nothing better than throwing back one of the potato's other greatest gifts when you're in that intoxicated state: French Fries.

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So instead of just heading to Micky D's, skip the drive thru and head to the Local Fry for some delicious, gourmet specialty fries.

The Local Fry is the newest fry shop to hit Charm City and is where all of your French fry dreams will finally come true. Seriously, where else in Baltimore are you going to find a selection of gourmet fries like the Chicken Bacon Ranch Fries or Kimchi Pork Fries?

The answer is nowhere, or at least nowhere as good as the Local Fry. Not only do they have awesome gourmet options, but if you're just craving some good ol' regular fries, they have those too. And you can get them with your choice of seasoning like Cajun or Garlic and Parmesan if you feel like getting a little fancy with the spices.

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So pay homage to the great potato and head to the Local Fry after your next big night out, or just whenever you want some really really good fries.

By Stephanie Hartmann

Stephanie Hartmann writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for CBS Baltimore.

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