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First Lady Yumi Hogan Tests Positive For COVID-19, Governor Says

BALTIMORE (WJZ) -- Maryland First Lady Yumi Hogan has tested positive for COVID-19, Gov. Larry Hogan said Thursday.

The governor said the positive test came up during the first lady's weekly testing regimen.

"Having been vaccinated and boosted, she is only experiencing mild symptoms," the governor tweeted. "She will quarantine at Government House."

Gov. Hogan said he tested negative on both rapid and PCR tests.

The governor tested positive for the virus on Dec. 20 and said he was only experiencing "some cold-like symptoms."

He appeared in a video message the following day and, in a somewhat gruff voice, told Marylanders he was quarantining at home.

Virtual COVID-19 Update - December 21, 2021 by Governor Larry Hogan on YouTube

Following his wife's positive test, Gov. Hogan urged residents to get boosted "for maximum protection against the Omicron variant."

Gov. Hogan appeared at a press conference Thursday and wore a facemask for the duration of the event.

"Even if you're not symptomatic, making sure you're not passing it on to other people is critically important," he said. "It's why, even though I've got two negative tests, I'm still wearing the mask while I'm talking to you here today, because that's what the protocol is."

He plans to bring the first lady meals while she's in isolation.

"My wife had me locked in a room for 10 days and was dropping food outside the door," Gov. Hogan said. "Now I'm doing the same thing for her."

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