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Eat In Harmony

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Harmony Bakery
Photo Credit: Harmony Bakery

Harmony Bakery
3446 Chestnut Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21211
(410) 235-3870

Alright ladies and gents, July is here- the prime month of summer.

Not only is it the most American month of the year but it's also pretty much the month of treating yourself. Seriously, what other holiday besides the Fourth of July do we celebrate by eating too many hotdogs, drinking too many beers and lying on the beach all day?

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While it may be one of the ultimate eating months, it's also still prime bathing suit season, meaning you don't want to ruin all that hard work you put into getting that perfect beach bod quite yet. So instead of gorging on Choco Tacos from the childhood ice cream man or those "special" brownies your hippy friend Mike brought to the shore house, head to Harmony Bakery for some tasty yet surprisingly healthy treats.

We know heading to a bakery doesn't sound like a really good option if you're trying to stay in tip top lady slaying shape, but just trust us on this one. Harmony is the newest bakery to hit Baltimore, and the only one that only offers vegan and gluten free goodies. We know that you probably just associate vegan or gluten free with rabbit food or the annoying diet your girlfriend insists on sticking too, but seriously you gotta try 'em.

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You'll get to enjoy tons of baked goods like the Chocolate Glazed and Lemon Glazed with Toasted Coconut donuts, Chunky Monkey Cookies, and you're bound to get your healthy fill. Plus if you still have a rumble in your tumble you could always grab a Happy Trail Bar, some Bliss Balls (we're all about some blissful balls), or even a savory pizza or spinach pie.

So head to Harmony this summer and treat yo'self, you won't regret it.

FYI: If you're really looking to keep your six-pack from turning into a keg, you might just want to consider getting some exercise too.

By Stephanie Hartmann

Stephanie Hartmann writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for CBS Baltimore.

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