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Do you love Old Bay enough to get a free tattoo? Dozens of people said 'yes' on Tuesday

Do you love Old Bay enough to get a free tattoo? Dozens say 'yes'
Do you love Old Bay enough to get a free tattoo? Dozens say 'yes' 02:15

BALTIMORE -- How much do you love Old Bay?

Enough to get a tattoo of it?

Nothing says Maryland quite like Old Bay.

In celebration of Preakness Week, dozens of people waited in line to get Maryland's favorite seasoning tattooed on their bodies for free.

"It's the flavor baby. I love the flavor," Gary Workman said.

"I put that on everything," Dwight Nash added.

"The best seasoning you're ever going to have," Jason Herb agreed.

McCormick offering free Old Bay tattoos, Preakness tickets 00:57

The beloved seasoning brand partnered with the Baltimore Tattoo Museum to offer free, custom Old Bay tattoos on Tuesday in preparation for The Preakness Stakes, which will be run on Saturday at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore.

People who stopped by the event also had the chance to win two platinum VIP tickets to Preakness 148 with access to Preakness Live featuring Bruno Mars.

Winners will be drawn Wednesday.

"I love tattoos, obviously I have a whole bunch, and I love Old Bay," said Drew Vanderstuyf. "I pretty much put it on everything so when I saw this I figured I might as well collab the two and go for it."

Vanderstuyf said he was once the mascot for the University of Maryland, so it just makes sense to add an Old Bay tattoo to his collection.

Old Bay is a staple in just about every pantry in the DMV, and for good reason.

 "On everything," Workman said. "I love Old Bay. For years, I'm 65 and that's all I've been using Old Bay Maryland Crabs. I'm from D.C. and I love all the crabs."

The obsession with Old Bay is something Marylanders wear like a badge of honor.

"It's weird when I go to other states and I'm like, 'Hey, do you have Old Bay' and they're like, 'What are you talking about?'"

Why is it so uniquely Maryland?

Perhaps because Old Bay goes hand-in-hand with the things that make Maryland, well, Maryland -- picking crabs, and french fries on the boardwalk.

"I think of growing up with my grandfather on the shore," Darius Zepp said. "Old Bay, you know crabs, fish, whatever. It just reminds you of a good time."

And no matter where you are, that flavor brings you right back home.

"What you've got to know about Old Bay and Maryland is that it's our seasoning, so wherever you go in the country and you see that, it reminds you of home," Earl Anderson said. "It just tastes like childhood."

You really can put Old Bay on just about anything.

Some people in line said they even put it on ice cream. 

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