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Cecil County community fights for more school funding with $9 million shortfall, potential cuts

Cecil County community fights for more school funding at county meeting
Cecil County community fights for more school funding at county meeting 02:11

BALTIMORE - Dozens of students, teachers and parents spoke at a Cecil County meeting on Thursday pushing county leaders for more funding for the schools.

A $9 million budget shortfall is forcing the district to eliminate more than 80 staff positions.

The county council meeting was filled with people advocating for more money dedicated to the schools.

Teachers say education is a top priority, and when it comes to major budget cuts, the students are going to suffer.

"Every student is worth it," student Madison Rodgers said. "They're worth the extra investment. It's just not about the numbers, it's about the student." 

Last month, Cecil County Executive Danielle Hornberger presented a budget that included $97.5 million for school funding, but it leaves a $13 million gap. 

WJZ reported a revised budget shows the county will pull $4 million from reserves to help close the gap, but it still leaves $9 million left to cover, which could put 85 educator jobs on the chopping block. 

"Do you understand how hard that will be? Kids will fall through the cracks and how will anyone be successful," Cecil County resident Michelle said. 

The proposed cuts will also cost families who would be forced to cover costs for music programs, sports and AP exams. 

Rodgers said she wants county leaders to prioritize education. 

"You're basically telling that kid in that school, in all of our schools, they're not worth it." 

Council members say their next step is to go over the proposed budget and make changes if needed. 

Final approval is expected to happen in June. 

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