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Communities Prepare For Potential Coastal Flooding Ahead Of Friday's Major Rainmaker

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) -- Hours before the storm and sandbags are in place.

"Right now we have about 10 sandbags," said Konrad Karandy. "Going to cover up the windows put some underneath the door just try to make sure we can do everything we can to keep the water out."

Konrad Karandy is the manager at Mission BBQ in Annapolis and he says they are getting things ready.

"We're prepping for the worst. My personal guess is four feet, something like that," said Karandy.

The National Weather Service is expecting one of the biggest coastal flood events of the past two decades. High tides are expected to be well above normal and strong winds will likely push even more water ashore.

"We've already gotten sandbags out. We're moving supplies that could potentially get wet," said Sharon Mahaffey with Storm Bros. Ice Cream In Annapolis.

Many shorelines in the area are under coastal flood warnings through Saturday. Signs scattered along the side of the road at City Dock warned drivers to steer clear of high water.

"It's just an exasperation of precipitation and flooding which would make some of the streets more difficult to pass through but downtown will be open," said Nicole Reibert with the Annapolis Office of Emergency Management.

Annapolis and other low-lying areas could see the highest water levels since Hurricane Isabel in 2003.

"Oh, this will be devastating. This whole area will be completely underwater," said Bernard Peissel.

People like Karandy say they're hoping for the best.

"Hoping it blows right over that would be best case. Outside of that we'll take it as it comes," Karandy added.

There will be three spots around the city where you can pack sandbags beginning at 9 a.m. Friday. It will be first come first serve and you will have to show proof of residency.

You're also urged to move your cars to higher ground so certain Baltimore garages will be free.

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