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Video: Body Cam Footage Released Of Anton Black's Arrest

WARNING: Some might find the footage from Anton Black's arrest disturbing. This video is unedited by WJZ, but redacted by Greensboro Police. Viewer discretion is advised. 

GREENSBORO, Md. (WJZ) -- Greensboro Police have released the body camera footage of Anton Black's arrest.

Black, 19, died in September 2018 after an encounter with police in Caroline County.

Since then, police have been under pressure to release the body camera video.

An autopsy report determined a heart condition and mental illness were contributing factors in his death.

But, his family says that is not true.

Anton Black's Family Rejects Autopsy Report, Pushes For Grand Jury Investigation

Examiners found 43 blunt force trauma wounds and that Black had no drugs in his system. It also characterized his death as an accident.

Despite the family's request, the Caroline County State's Attorney issued a statement saying he has an ethical obligation to only put cases in front of the grand jury, that he believes are supported by probable cause.

The body camera footage shows Black's encounter with police.

In it, the teen is reportedly seen running from officers in Caroline County to his family home.

They finally caught up to him, subdued him on the ground, but then he went limp, right in front of his mother.

"They killed my son they murdered him right in front of me," said Jennell Black, his mother.

Anton Black Investigation: Autopsy Shows Teen Died Of 'Sudden Cardiac Death'

Back in September, someone called 911 and accused Black of trying to abduct a 12-year-old boy.

Black insisted he was the boy's brother. The child denied that.

At that point, the officer told Black he was under arrest. The video shows Black running away.

The officer chases him to his family's home, where Black hides in a car. The officer breaks the windows and uses a taser on Black, which appears to have no impact.

The video then shows other officers and a bystander trying to restrain Black. One of them says Black bit him.

The teen's mother comes to the door and watches. At one point, Black tells her he loves her.

Two minutes later, Black appears to stop moving. Police and first responders perform CPR.

Police at one point tell Black's mother, "This is a mental health emergency. We're not treating this like a crime."

From the beginning of the encounter to the time Black is taken away on a stretcher lasts 34 minutes.

In an autopsy released Thursday, the state medical examiner said Black's death was accidental. The examiner said the cause was "sudden cardiac death" that was linked to a heart problem.

According to the autopsy, "It is likely  that the stress of his struggle contributed to his death."

The autopsy also said mental illness was a factor.

Police used Narcan on Black and repeatedly said in the body camera video they believed he was on drugs. The autopsy found no narcotics in Black's system.

The state's attorney in Caroline County said he will not charge anyone in connection with the death. He said it would be "unethical" to present the case to a grand jury because there is not probable cause for an indictment against the officers.

Black's family has called on the United States Department of Justice to investigate what happened. The family said in a statement, "There was no reason for Anton Black to die."

The ACLU has also called for federal and state investigations into the case.

You can see the full 38-minute body camera video here.

For months, the department refused to release body camera footage.

See the full autopsy report below:

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