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D.C. Police Officer Charged With Murder Of Randallstown Woman, Child Also Found Dead

PALMER PARK, Md. (WJZ)—A mother and her 1-year-old baby are found dead in a park. A D.C. police officer is behind bars, charged in their murder.

Kelly McPherson explains the murders happened the night before a child support hearing for the baby.

The mother and the suspect were supposed to go to court on Tuesday morning. But instead, the woman and her baby were reported missing. Days later, the father of her daughter is accused of murder.

A Maryland family breaks down as they learn their loved ones are dead. They were found in a Prince George's County park.

Wynetta Wright and her baby daughter Jaylin had been missing since Monday.

"My granddaughter's birthday is Monday coming up, and she will be one," said Wyvette Wright before her daughter and granddaughter's bodies were discovered.

On Friday, police charged D.C. police officer Richmond Phillips with first-degree murder.

"He's a policeman," said Ruth Phillips, the suspect's mother. "Why would he do something stupid like this?"

Wynetta believed Phillips was baby Jaylin's father.

"She said I'm on my way to take Jaylin to meet her father for the first time.  And she was so happy," said Wynetta's aunt.

Wynetta Wright was last seen alive leaving her apartment in Randallstown on Monday afternoon.  Police say she was on her way to Prince George's County to meet with her daughter's father prior to a custody hearing.

"He has not called her in a year," said Wyvette Wright. "The baby will be 1 Monday. He has never had any contact.  Why he called her the night before they're supposed to go to court for child support, I don't know.  Why she went to meet him, I don't know that neither."

Wynetta's mother says her daughter was shot in the head. The baby was found buckled in her car seat.  It's possible she died from exposure during several days of extreme heat.

Phillips is an 8-year veteran of the D.C. Police Department. He's married and has at least one child with his wife.

"They got him," Wyvette Wright said. "I hope he gets the death penalty.  I want him to get the death penalty."

The bodies are at the Medical Examiner's office. It's unclear what the cause of death for the baby is. Once that is determined, there could be additional charges filed in the case.

Richmond Phillips is being held without bond.

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