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Under Arrest: After Years On The Run, Woman Accused Of Beating Elderly Man Is In Police Custody

BALTIMORE (WJZ)-- Finally facing justice. The woman accused in the highly publicized beating of an elderly man is under arrest in Baltimore after years spent dodging authorities in Kenya.

Kai Jackson explains Baltimore City Police worked with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for years to track her down.

The legal process now begins for Anastacia Oluoch who's been on the run for five years.

As a city police car pulls up with Oluoch inside, Jaki Taylor anxiously waits to see the woman she hired to care for her late father.

But Oluoch fled more than 7,000 miles away after being charged with beating him.

"I just really wish my dad was here to see this. I know that he's in heaven right now because his daughter did not let him down," Jaki Taylor said.

A gut-wrenching home security camera video is at the center of it all. On it, Oluoch, 59, is seen beating John Taylor, 90, inside his West Baltimore home in May 2007.

Jaki Taylor hired Oluoch to care for her father who was bed-ridden after suffering two strokes.

Oluoch was arrested by Baltimore City Police but posted bail and fled the United States back to her native Kenya. From that point, an exhaustive five-year process began to extradite her back to Baltimore.

"The Baltimore Police Department, we've never been able to extradite someone internationally. So this is a first for our police department," Det. Julie Pitocchelli of the Baltimore City Police Department said.

The Kenyan government, Interpol, the FBI and Baltimore City Police all helped bring Oluoch to justice.

Yet, detectives say Oluoch's family members in Baltimore provided critical clues that helped them track her down.

Among the charges against Oluoch are second-degree assault, reckless endangerment and vulnerable abuse of an adult.

"To me, the videotape says it all," Jaki Taylor said. "I don't need to be a witness to anything. There's no one else that needs to be a witness. We have four videos of this woman beating my dad to no end."

John Taylor passed away in February 2009. Oluoch is now at Central Booking. She could also face federal charges for fleeing the country.

Jaki Taylor tried to get the John Taylor Act passed in the state legislature to crack down on elderly abuse. It failed but supporters say they'll reintroduce the legislation next year.

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