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150 swimmers will jump in Baltimore's Inner Harbor this weekend. Here's why

Want to swim in Baltimore's Inner Harbor? Here's how the water was determined to be safe to swim in
Want to swim in Baltimore's Inner Harbor? Here's how the water was determined to be safe to swim in 08:14

BALTIMORE -- On Sunday 150 souls will, from a floating dock, jump into Baltimore's Inner Harbor. The Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore has been working toward the goal of a swimmable and fishable harbor for over a decade. 


Another 1000 souls are on a waiting list should someone not be able to make it. 

The Waterfront Partnership, who since 2010, have worked tirelessly to clean up the waters of the Harbor are sponsoring this "swim in" to show just how much progress has been made. 

The clean-up efforts have been made through Trashwheels, work with the city and state to amp up water, garbage collectors, the water aquatic gardens, raising and setting free over 300,000 Oysters a year. The concept of a clean enough body of water to take a dip in is not such a laughable idea anymore.


With us Thursday for "Where's Marty?" were two scientists. One with the Waterfront Partnership, and the other with an outreach of the University of Maryland. Both told us that almost daily testing of locations around the inner, and outer harbor show the improvement quite dramatically. 


Is it the crystal clear waters of the Virgin Islands? No, but what is? Is the harbor now hosting waterfowl, and have people catching big Rockfish in it? Yes. And as I said on the air, "nature knows." 

For example, the Rock are here chasing bait fish who have recently flourished in this body of water. "Nature knows."


I am sure the news coverage of the Sunday swim will be something to see, and I will most certainly tune in to the news later in the day. For more info on the Waterfront Partnership here is the link.

Congrats WP folks, your tough work is paying off!


Marty B!

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