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Asian American business owners targeted for burglaries, Baltimore County police warn

Your Monday morning news roundup: December 11, 2023
Your Monday morning news roundup: December 11, 2023 00:49

BALTIMORE -- The Baltimore County Police Department on Monday said it is seeing a rise in home burglaries targeting Asian American business owners in what appears to be a national trend.

Police said the burglars would learn where the victims live either by breaking into their car or following them home from work. They would then return to the victim's home, break in, and burglarize the home.

It was not immediately clear how many local instances of the trend have been seen. Last year, the FBI warned Asian American business owners in New Jersey of the same trend.  

Baltimore County police called on business owners to be aware of the trend and offered these preventative measures:

  • Install surveillance cameras on or around your home and business
  • Motion sensor lighting on the front and back of a home will help deter break-ins
  • Consider having a home or business alarm system installed
  • Keep your car locked while at work and secure your registration
  • Be cognizant of any cars in the neighborhood that aren't normally there
  • Be aware of anyone who might be following you home
  • Give thought to how you secure valuables in your house
  • Contact your local precinct's Community Outreach Team to conduct a residential or business security survey

Anyone who is victimized is asked to call 911. 

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