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Walnut Creek nursing home suspends employees after resident's death

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WALNUT CREEK – Employees at a nursing home in Walnut Creek have been suspended and an investigation is underway after a resident suffered an apparent "negative reaction" to something he ate and died several days later.

A spokesperson from Atria Senior Living told KPIX on Friday that he experienced the negative reaction on the night of Aug. 23. Staff contacted 911 "immediately" and alerted his family.

Following the reaction, the resident was transferred to a hospital. After being told the resident was doing well, the facility learned that he had died on Wednesday.

The home did not release his identity.

Facility officials said Friday while it is uncertain what caused the reaction, they believe it was likely "food related." Employees who were involved have been suspended in the meantime.

"The health and safety of our residents are our highest priorities," the spokesperson said.

The death at the Walnut Creek facility comes as another Atria nursing home in the Bay Area faces scrutiny after a resident was fatally poisoned.

On Sunday, three residents at the Atria Hillsdale care home were hospitalized after ingesting dishwashing soap. One of the residents, identified as a 93-year-old woman, was pronounced dead at the hospital.

In a statement to KPIX on Monday, Altria Hillsdale said the residents drank dishwashing liquid after it was served to them as a beverage. The statement did not provide details on how that had happened.

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