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Dramatic Video Shows Kayaker Attacked By Shark In Monterey Bay

MONTEREY (CBS SF) -- A kayaker posted dramatic video of a shark attacking him in the Monterey Bay. Fortunately, he lived to write about it.

According to his blog post on, it happened Saturday, March 18 around 4:30 p.m., just about "100 yards or so off the Monterey Bay Inn" at San Carlos Beach.

"Suddenly, I heard a loud Bang as my kayak and I flew into the air," writes Brian Correiar. "I landed outside my boat, look back to it and to my horror saw a large great white shark no more than three feet away had my kayak in its mouth. I could clearly see it's 2-inch teeth and it's black eye that looked lifeless."

Correiar says he started swimming for the shore as fast as he could. Meanwhile, the shark was behind him playing with his boat like "a chew toy."


Great White Shark Attacks Kayaker in Monterey Bay, California by Storyful Viral on YouTube

"I saw it spin with the boat at least three times," he writes. "It started pushing the boat towards me and then left the boat and headed for me. Suddenly it dove. I put my face in the water to see if it was under me, but I couldn't see anything."

Fortunately, someone on the shore who witnessed the ordeal had called for help. A sailboat arrived to help, but unable to climb on board, Correiar was rescued by the Coast Guard a few minutes later.

Correiar said his boat was covered with bite marks. Someone in the sailboat later told him the shark was as large as the 14-foot kayak.

He believes the shark was a great white but the attack was uncharacteristic of their usual behavior.

"I had always thought that great whites hit a target to test it and then backed off," says Correiar. "This was a prolonged attack on the surface."

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