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Ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes left bloodied by Marin Highlands coyote attack

SAN FRANCISCO -- Well known Bay Area ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes says he's recovering from a coyote attack while he was running in the Marin Highlands.

Karnazes posted a video of his injuries on his Instagram account and told the San Francisco Chronicle the attack took place early Friday as he was 40 miles into a run and nearing the west parking lot at the Golden Gate Bridge.

He had just opened a granola bar when he heard the ominous sounds of prancing behind him.

The large animal leaped on him and Karnazes was able to fend it off with a jogging pole. But not before his face was bloodied.

"I just had something rather terrifying happen," he said in the Instagram video. "I'm out on a 150-mile trail run and I got attacked by a coyote. It was a first. It knocked me over and thankfully I'm running with poles so I whacked it and it ran away. Kind of brutal."

 Park Service spokesperson Charlie Strickfaden told the Chronicle it was highly unusual for a coyote to attack a human.   

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