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Trey Lance's hometown set to cheer him on as 49ers starting QB

Trey Lance's hometown set to cheer him on as 49ers begin preseason
Trey Lance's hometown set to cheer him on as 49ers begin preseason 03:40

MARSHALL, MINN. -- As the 49ers usher in a new chapter with Trey Lance as their starting quarterback, people from his rural Minnesota hometown are sharing with the Bay Area how proud they are of him.

Marshall is a small town out on the prairie in southwestern Minnesota, about three hours away from the Twin Cities. People who reside there have a large amount of pride in where they live.

Trey Lance HS football photo
Trey Lance HS football photo. CBS

Like Dan Fosvick, who own Fuzzy's Bar on Main Street.

"You know, it's a small-knit town," said Fosvick. "It's just a great place to raise a family, and Trey is a great example of what great people we have here."

Fosvick is proud Marshall can claim Lance as one of the town's own.

"He's just been a great kid," he said. "We just can't wait to see his success happen through the NFL. It couldn't happen to a nicer kid."

Mayor Bob Byrnes echoed that point during a stroll through Memorial Park in downtown Marshall.

"The community is very proud of all of our kids that grew up in Marshall, including Trey," explained Byrnes. "The Bay Area will see a young man who is very hard-working, very committed, but also, who is a really good person."

Even before he was named the starting quarterback for the 49ers this summer, the town of Marshall was incredibly proud that Lance had made it from Marshall to the NFL. So much so that they called NFL draft day 2021 'Trey Day.' There were celebrations all throughout town.

At Fuzzy's, Fosvick is proud to display Lance's North Dakota State jersey, a commemorative draft-day football and his 49ers' jersey for everyone to see.

"There's never been an athlete like this who's come out of Marshall High School that's been this productive and successful," said Fosvick. "He's so respectful, so well-mannered. And he's just a joy to be around." 

Lance's high school football coach Terry Bahlmann says thanks to Lance, Niner Nation is making it's way into southwest Minnesota.

Trey Lance's high school football coach
Trey Lance's high school football coach  Terry Bahlmann. CBS

"It's still pretty surreal," said Bahlmann. "You know, kids running around with Trey Lance jerseys and t-shirts and 49ers stuff."

The coach takes pride in how lance represents the tight-knit town.

"He's what everybody should be in the NFL - a hard-working guy and there for his team, and just representing the community well," he said. 

At Marshall High, they're working on a bit of a shrine for Lance and Blaise Andries, another MHS grad who just made it to the NFL.

"To document their high school careers, college awards they won, and of course their NFL success," said Bahlmann.

Role models for years to come.

As Bay Area begins a new 49ers era with Lance, these residents have a message from Marshall. 

"Oh I'm really proud of Trey and everything he's accomplished," said Bahlmann.

"We wish him the best. They've got a good kid there. He won't embarrass you, that's for sure," added Fosvick.

"I think people will really come to realize what a special thing we have in the young man that was raised here in Marshall," chimed in Byrnes.

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