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Storm covers Truckee in snow, leaving residents to clean up roads and sidewalks

Winter snowstorm blankets High Sierra
Winter snowstorm blankets High Sierra 05:05

The snow blowers, shovels and plows were out in full force in Truckee Friday, doing their best to keep the roads and sidewalks clear.

"If we get people stuck here, it's no fun," said Mark Cadena.

There was barely a time in the day when snow wasn't falling, making for a headache for drivers trying to get around.

"I'm about to go home and not leave for the next couple of days," said Kate Caithanan.

For the most part, businesses stayed open but that may not be the case this weekend. The storm is expected to last through Sunday, and locals told KPIX they can already sense it's going to be a big one.

"A lot of times we have the forecasts that look sort of shocking and then they drift downward. This one seems to be drifting upward," said Truckee resident Jay Seirmarco.

At the local grocery store, one woman was snowshoeing. She said she walked two miles from her home to pick up some last-minute essentials.

"At first I started just walking and I fell twice. And then I went back and put on the snowshoes. Also the weather is nice, it's nice to go out so," said Sepideh Maleki.

Also braving the weather at that same grocery store was the local Girl Scout troop. They said they weren't about to let any storm ruin what was supposed to be their first day selling cookies.

While the weather may have helped the Girl Scouts sell cookies, it was a pain for everyone else trying to get around town.

 Conditions only deteriorated as the sun fell, and everyone is only bracing for more come the weekend.

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