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Stanford Football Recruits: Montgomery Stays, Carlisle Bolts To USC

PALO ALTO (CBS 5 / MaxPreps) -- When the college football head coach leaves so too does all verbal agreements by the high school player.

That is the conventional thinking of most anyway and certainly is the fear of those left holding the proverbial verbal college list.

In the case of Team USA wide receiver/athlete Ty Montgomery that was never even a consideration when Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh jumped down the San Francisco Peninsula from Stanford to the NFL 49ers.

As dynamic a recruiter and rising coach as Harbaugh is, nothing was going to pull the muscular 6-foot, 202-pound receiver away from Palo Alto.

"I didn't pick Stanford for the coach," he said. "I picked Stanford for the school. No, nothing is changing my mind on the Cardinal. It's a great school and football program still."

But another four-star standout took, running back Amir Carlisle of King's Academy in Sunnyvale, who Montgomery befriended during the recruiting process, decommitted from Stanford after Harbaugh left and went to Pac-10 rival USC.

Montgomery and Carlisle had planned to room together.

"When I first heard he left, it hit me pretty hard," Montgomery said. "But when (Carlisle) called and told me all the reasons (he wants to be in actor and Southern California makes more sense), I totally understood. It doesn't mean I won't try to kick his butt when we play them."

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