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Shootout between San Jose police, suspect leaves nearby residents shaken

San Jose residents left shaken by police shootout
San Jose residents left shaken by police shootout 02:07

SAN JOSE — A shootout between San Jose police and a suspect left residents in the area shaken by the violence.

One resident was just opening her food truck this morning when she started hearing details about a shootout between police and a suspect on Sunday afternoon.

"That's not right. It's scary because I've never heard gunshots or incidents like this around here," said Alejandra Cardona, who works near the scene.

San Jose police released video footage showing a man firing a gun from a van in the middle of the day on Kollmar Drive. Police responded to a 911 call reporting the incident. 

The suspect was identified as 41-year-old Ricardo Villarreal, a felon in possession of a firearm. Villarreal also blocked another resident's access to the parking lot and brandished a firearm at them.

"The swift response from the officers likely saved the lives of many families in the apartment complex and the neighborhood, and the circumstances surrounding how and why a felon prohibited from having a firearm went on a shooting spree will take some time to understand and investigate," said Interim Chief of Police Paul Joseph.

Another neighbor, Luis Miguel Sanchez, lives in the apartment complex where the shooting occurred.

"I wasn't here. I arrived later, and everything was already closed off. They almost didn't let me in, but then the police let me in through this other side. But honestly, it's terrifying," Sanchez recounted.

After fleeing the initial scene, Villarreal continued to shoot at responding officers until he was eventually struck and apprehended. Interim Chief Joseph emphasized that Villarreal, being a felon, should not have had a firearm. This incident marks the third officer-involved shooting in San Jose this year.

Villarreal is in critical condition after the shootout. Meanwhile, fear is real for residents like Alejandra and Luis Miguel, who have two young children.

"Well, to get into the apartment, all the doors are locked, but out here, it's way more complicated," Sanchez added, highlighting the heightened concern among local residents.

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